Celebrating International Day of the African Child

Today we join the  Government of Malawi and the rest of the world in commemorating the International Day of the African Child which annually falls on June 16th.  Alot of work has been done by Wlsa Malawi in partnership with various NGO’s including Plan Malawi and UN Women as well as the Ministry of Gender towards ending child marriages and sensitizing communities on child protection and reporting procedures.  The majority of Malawian children are faced with insurmountable challenges health-wise, and education wise. The African child is Africa’s future and we as the fore generations have a mandate to leave this continent in a  safer, hospitable environment for our children-legally, environmentally, economically and socially. This mandate lies not in Government and NGO’s alone but with each and every individual, including you. To celebrate, a donation of any school related material, nutritious food, providing access to shelter  and clothing at any social welfare and child protection related entity will make a marked positive difference.  #toafrica’sfuture

Education is key to a greater Africa!

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